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Feb 26, 2005 — Vectors launches at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles!

Feb 21, 2005 — Vectors featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

We’re pleased to simulcast this announcement for a job opportunity at the Mukurtu Project. The project, directed by Vectors Fellow alum Kim Christen (Digital Dynamics Across Cultures), is developing an open-source archive software based on Aboriginal cultural protocols.

Developer II Position Description

The Developer II position will act as the primary developer on an open source, grant-funded, Humanities-based digital archive project. The project seeks to create a robust digital archiving and content management tool for the specific needs of Indigenous communities globally (this is phase three of an existing project). The Developer II position will develop in object-oriented PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and XML, and assist in deployment of an open source software package for both online and standalone (offline) computers. The Developer II position will work closely with the project manager and the lead software development manager on the primary application and implementation of additional media features, templates, customizable administration pages, xml export functions, robust installer package, and integration of image, video, and audio media into the system.

Applicant would have knowledge of and experience working with:

  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, PHP and Flash/Actionscript
  • Eclipse IDE (or similar shared workspace)
  • Media management using Flash/Actionscript

Applicant must also have:

  • Experience as a developer on multiple innovative multimedia projects
  • Ability to collaborate well with others and to meet deadlines
  • Ability to manage projects successfully with minimal supervision
  • Enthusiasm for the humanities and academia in general
  • A desire to work in a self-regulated manner with clients who are collaborators more than executive producers
  • A desire to work with ideas and concepts that move way beyond branding, causal pleasure, communication graphics, and marketing strategies

Seven-month project time line beginning May 1, 2010 with possibility of additional work. $40/hour, 15 hours/week.


Send CV and cover letter to:
Dr. Kimberly Christen @ kim.christen (at)

Specify MUKURTU PROJECT in subject line

Deadline: April 23, 2010 (or until filled)

— Craig Dietrich, April 16th, 2010, 0 Comments »

Vectors’ fellow Kim Christen was recently interviewed on the BBC’s Digital Planet about her continued work developing innovative archives with indigenous peoples. 

Kim’s Vectors’ project, “Digital Dynamics Across Cultures” (in the Ephemera issue), was an early effort in this regard. She has gone on to receive numerous grants and to continue to work with Vectors’  team member, Craig Deitrich.

For more information please visit:
Learn more at Kim’s blog

— Vectors Journal, January 30th, 2008, 0 Comments »