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Cast-offs from the Golden Age
Melanie Swalwell, Erik Loyer
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"I tried to get into this interface with the arrow >buttons and so on but I am lost to what this whole thing is supposed to be and how to be >in it to learn anything."
- Melanie Swalwell, Victoria University of Wellington, 5.27.2006
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Jeffrey T. Schnapp
Excerpt from peer response:
"One of the most interesting feature of the project’s form, to my mind, is its distributed existence as print artifact and electronic website."
- N Katherine Hayles, UCLA, Los Angeles, 4.20.2006
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Digital Dynamics Across Cultures
Kim Christen & Chris Cooney, Alessandro Ceglia
Excerpt from peer response:
"Are we talking about a social convention by which, say, men publicly claim ignorance of “women’s business” but in fact know a great deal about it? One could, I suppose, argue that it doesn’t matter much either way."
- Michael F. Brown, Williams College, 4.20.2006
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Hurricane Digital Memory Bank
Center for History and New Media
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"We want to foster a safe environment where contributors do not feel threatened that someone will alter their words or denigrate their contribution."
- Sheila Brennan, George Mason University, 5.17.2006
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Objects of Media Studies
Amelie Hastie, Raegan Kelly
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"You can wander through the projects in any way you choose, however, whether by the objects themselves, their histories, or their scholarly reflections; or, one can choose to go through each project one at a time."
- Jess and Elissa, Los Angeles, 10.9.2007
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Panorama Ephemera
Rick Prelinger, Raegan Kelly
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"The first is his declared project Manifesto where Prelinger flatly declares the work of the archivist as a modern savior to an overpopulated and over stimulated popular culture."
- B N, Los Angeles, 10.9.2007
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Slavery's Ephemera
Judith Jackson Fossett, Erik Loyer
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"The initial page, a map/trail leading from Oaklawn to New Orleans, drew me into the texts and images."
- Vanessa Vobis, Santa Rosa, CA, 5.22.2006
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The Agrippa Files
Agrippa Files Editorial Team
Excerpt from peer response:
"But is it even a viable goal? Agrippa hardly courted the 'general reading public', so we might ask whether a website dedicated to it should try that."
- Huhtamo Erkki, UCLA, 4.20.2006
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